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Pinetree Capital was founded in 2014 by MS. Cai Cai. At the beginning of the establishment, Pinetree Capital had gotten the capital injection from the four shareholders of the listing corporations. Pinetree Capital is a professional investment service integrated with primary market and secondary market investment philosophies and strategies. Growing with outstanding entrepreneurs and realizing continued appreciation of the wealth of investors are company philosophies. Has successfully invested in a number of companies, and help a number of well-known companies to obtain accumulated a total of hundreds of millions of equity investment from domestic and foreign top private equity funds. Pinetree Capital has a rich friendsourcing and project experience in primary and secondary market, and is a sincere and reliable business partner of entrepreneurs.

Pinetree Capital team has more than 10 years investment experience in the TMT industry, and has led the completion of a number of outstanding companies’ investment and mergers and acquisitons,including

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